Forward Movement Travel Check List

check list.jpg

1.    Passport must not expire 6 months before departure.  Must have one available page inside passport to stamp visa.  You may renew or purchase your passport at limited locations of Post Offices, Libraries, or Los Angeles Passport Agency.  Cost, 8-10 days $99.00, some places start at $110.00, Rush Service 5-7 business days $169.00, Priority Service 3-4 business days $239.00, and Emergency 1-2 business days $299.00.  

2.    Ghanaian Visa, $60.00, onetime entry, multiple $100.00   

3.    Go to to fill out visa application, you need duplicate applications.  

4.    Must have proof of return ticket when applying for visa.

5.    Two passport photos for the duplicate applications

6.    It is mandatory to obtain a yellow fever inoculation before entry into the country and you must show proof of shot when applying for your visa application.  

7.    It is not mandatory but highly encouraged to go to your doctor and get weekly malaria tablets for the trip!  You do not want to get malaria on trip! It can be fatal, but as long as you take your tablets you will be fine. 

8.    Some Doctors will not issue yellow fever shots or malaria tablets.  If that is the case seek out a travel clinic.  

9.    It is highly recommended to carry and use insect repellents containing either 20 percent DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon, eucalyptus, or IR3535, or the holistic alternative of your choice. 

10.    Anti-Diarrhea medicine. Mylanta is a good over the counter choice, but also ask your doctor for a prescription anti-Diarrhea medicine. (If you avoid swallowing facet water & dairy you may or may not need this medicine).   

11.    It is suggested that you purchase an herbal supplement that you may purchase from Whole Foods or any herbal store called ReNew Life ParaGONE and Emergen-C packets excellent boost for the immune system. Recommended to start taking both a week before travel.  These supplements are used to build the immune system during travel and may or may not assist you in avoiding illness and having an exciting and healthy trip. If you decide to purchase these items please pack them inside your carryon bag.  

12.    If you are on medication please be sure to pack it inside your carryon language just in case luggage accidentally is diverted and arrives late.   

13.    $5000.00 is the limit of cash you may carry to enter the country (warning unwanted consequences may occur if you carry more than $5000.00 into Ghana) . Most everything you need will be included in the cost of your ticket, except last day of trip.  I recommend between $500.00 to $3000.00 spending cash.  It just depends on how many souvenirs you purchase, or what you feel safe with incase of an emergency, especially if you do not purchase travel insurance. It is $3.78 Ghanaian Cedes (currency) to $1.00 American dollars. 

14.    Not mandatory but highly recommended purchasing flight insurance in case of an emergency!  Never travel without it and I usually use whatever insurance the airline recommends, it can range from $50 to $100, depending what type you purchase.

15.    I also recommend a few different money punches to conceal your money and passport.  Ghana is considered one of the safest countries in Africa, however tourist are targeted by pick pockets.  It has never happen to me, but it is better to be prepared.  I carry 3.  

16.    It is highly discouraged to use credit cards in Ghana only for plane use and maybe emergencies. 

17.    Vacuum Bags to lighten your language. 

18.    This trip is a humanitarian voyage, he main focus is how could we be of service.     

19.    Make sure that you pack inside your carry-on bag a clean pair of underwear and change of clothes all electronics, travel tooth brush, small travel tooth paste, small travel deodorant and proof of your yellow fever inoculation, in case you are temporarily separated from your luggage.    

20.    No liquids or flammable items are allowed in your carry-on.

21.    Carry-on bag may not exceed 45 inches and must fit easily in the carry-on baggage check, approximately 22’X 14 X 9” No maximum weight applies.  Also, you can bring on plane with you, 1 purse, briefcase, camera bag, or laptop computer (cannot be checked).  Items that do not count as personal items, a jacket or umbrella, food or drink purchased after clearing the security checkpoint, and duty-free merchandise.  

22.    You are allowed two free maximum 70 lbs. limit checked bags.  You will be charged $200 for all luggage over 70 lbs.!  Prices subject to change before trip. 

23.    Extra Luggage locks

24.    Neck Pillows for plane and ground travel

25.    Eye shades for plane and ground travel

26.    Sanitary wipes for planes and buses (can be pretty germy, precautions against getting sick)

27.    Extra batteries for camera or other electronics

28.    Reading material for plane and long bus rides

29.    Snacks for ground travel in Ghana

30.    Bubble wrap for purchased fragile souvenirs

31.    Small hand sanitizer

32.    Unblocked phone.  You may purchase in Ghana sim cards for cheap to make your international calls. Your cell phone will work, but very expensive to use.  You may bring your personal phone to check your e-mails and such, but please advise your family do not text you on your cell phone because it is quite expensive for you to receive while out of the country.  Ghana is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Time.   

33.    Make sure you bring tip money.

34.    At least two aspirins are recommended one before flight and one half way through the flight, because flight is 17 hours long.  The aspirin is to avoid blood clots!