You can no longer see or identify yourself solely as a member of a tribe, but as a citizen of a nation of one people working toward a common purpose.
— Idowu Koyenikan

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What is a Tribal Nation?

A tribal nation is a tribe (an aggregate of people united by a common culture) that has tribal sovereignty. The essence of tribal sovereignty is the ability to govern, protect, and enhance the health, safety, and welfare of tribal citizens. Self-government is essential for tribal communities to continue to protect their unique cultures and identities. Tribes have the inherent power to govern all matters involving their members.




When you become apart of our TRIBE, you have joined a NATION that has land and resources used to empower its people to GREATNESS and LIBERATION! As a NATION with land and resources, we are able to create our own governing laws to protect and provide for the people of the NATION and all allied nations.

Once you become a member you will receive your official identification credentials.


We are the Banu Tallahassiy tribe (now spelled Tallahassee). We are officially registered with the Banu Tallahassee Reserve. The Native Americans that are affiliated with this tribe are the original Africans (now called Diasporans, Apalachee Province, Muskogean, or Creeks/ Seminoles) who migrated to the new land.

Understand, we are now a spirit tribe coming back as a NATION, to rebuild communities that will empower and foster love so that people can support one another on the quest to align with their true purpose.


Tell Me More About The Tribal Credentials?

Your official Credentials identify you as a member of the Nation and protect you as Nation under our Nations governing laws of our new Land in West Africa. The credentials are registered with The U.S. Department of Transportation and the Issue number is displayed on your credentials for any law enforcement to lookup in the system. Our tribe is a Tax Exempt 501 D unincorporated association and our humanitarian organization is a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation, and NGO.

CREDENTIAL 1: tribe member Card

credential 1

Credential 2: Driver’s license


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You will have the right to travel with the Credentials, By Car, By Air or otherwise. For the exception of international travel, you will still need to obtain a US passport.


You will be able to open up a new bank account under the Native American laws under the tax-exempt status laws which open the doors to many more opportunities.


If you are a convicted felon you can leave the US and live with your tribe in the Mother Land under our jurisdiction, protection and rehabilitation (Rehabilitation is Non-Negotiable).


You will have access to land in the Mother Land and other countries we are building in as long as you are donating your sweat equity hours to build the community.


You will have the option to start your life over as a Nation member rather a property of the US





We will be honored to have you as a Member of our organization or a member of our Nation! We understand the value in coming together to create global communities that foster love, empowerment, and provides us with all the essentials that we need to live healthy, productive and purposeful lives. Becoming a member is a total and complete WIN WIN! The reason it’s a win win is because we gain a valuable member with valuable skills to offer and you get the protection and perks of the Nation itself. Also keep in mind your membership fees are used to assist with the administrative cost it takes to run an organization of this magnitude.

Planet Membership

At the planet stage you will be invited to some group meetings to meet other interested members and will be involved in very important Q&A’s that will answer valuable question and forge lasting bonds with other members.

You will also receive newsletters with updated organizations progress and alliances.


Join our star members group and you will receive an invite to join our council, you will also receive invites to certain board meetings, you will receive all three official credentials your driver’s license, passport card, and INARS card ( Indigenous Native American Recording Service) this will be your new identification number as an Indigenous within the organization.


When you join the galaxy team you have decided to work as a team! In the order that you fill out your application and have been accepted into the organization you will be added to your new cluster, once your cluster has reached 10 members you all will receive your credentials at the same time.

The benefits of the cluster is you will receive a discounted price on your credentials as a group verses as a single. If you have your own ready to go cluster, we can process you and all ten of the members will receive a 25% discount on three official credentials. The entire group will receive, newsletters, training invites and volunteer travel perks.

Universal Membership

Congratulations! Welcome to the fullness of the Universal membership. We are so honored you have chosen this membership because this membership not only serves you but many others. Your membership fees not only cover all three of your official credentials but it also sponsors another person membership as well. And because you are so willing to display this act of love and kindness you become

qualified for training as an official DIPLOMAT of our NATION. You will so receive travel packages, executive packages, prime community living quarters and much more!

We appreciate you for signing up as a member of our organization and NATION!

We look forward

to building a better tomorrow and creating the beauty that we wish to see in the world.