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Dr. Niemah Nefertiti Rosier-Royal wears many hats; she is a community leader; parent; friend; mentor; ordained minister; humanitarian; and businesswoman — whose life’s purpose is to serve people in need and contribute to the global healing of our planet. She established OMG and The Forward Movement as a not-for-profit missionary organization to realize her vision of raising the vibration of our planet.

Dr. Rosier-Royal strongly believes that by collectively joining our resources, energy, knowledge and power we can unite our brothers and sisters globally. Under her wise leadership, OMG and The Forward Movement/Global Water Campaign organization is poised for swift growth, and will achieve its mission of providing resources to people in need around the world.


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Uzomaka "The Oracle" Obiocha is a Brand, Business, and Financial Strategist who helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and humanitarians develop & grow their businesses in ways that resonate with their spirit, harmonizes with their beliefs, and fulfills their mission, vision and purpose. After nearly a decade as co-owner of Koncept Consulting Group and Non-Profit, MD (boutique consulting firms that catered to For-profit and Not-for-profit clientele), Uzomaka understands how an effective strategy can be used as a road map to success. Uzomaka has worked with clients from various industries including entertainment, non-profit, design, food, health care and fashion, including notable brands such as Timothy Oulton, Girls Inc., Homestories, & PUKU. She holds a BA in Finance from Georgia State University.





Hijjar Gibran is a visionary and founder of DOMEGAIA, a world renowned sustainable company whose mission is to ‘provide Earthlings everywhere with tools, trainings, and designs for building eco-elegant, high-quality, low-cost AirCrete structures’. As a son of an inventor, Hajjar passed his youth building tree houses, hot rods and tiny homes. He was already a skilled designer & builder by the time he finished the engineering program at SDSU. He built his first passive solar home in Nova Scotia at age 24, where he won several awards from the Nova Scotia Design Council.

After his beloved brother’s tragic death, Hajjar was inspired to follow his spiritual calling. The Return of The Prophet is Hajjar’s award winning sequel to the spiritual classic The Prophet by his great uncle Kahlil Gibran, published in more than 40 countries around the world. Hajjar developed an innovative way of building beautiful low cost AirCrete domes that has gained international recognition.





Greg Langley is the founder and managing member of Langley Tax & Accounting, LLC since 1999. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting/Mathematics and twelve years Tax and Accounting experience as an IRS Revenue Agent conducting independent audits of small to mid-size corporations and individuals to ensure Federal income tax compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations.

Greg Langley is authorized to practice before the IRS as a Licensed Enroll Agent and have successfully negotiated numerous cases with IRS Group Managers and Appeals Officers. However, most of his leadership and managerial skills were developed prior to his Honorable Discharge as a United States Army Captain.





Jeremai Cann is a Jamaican-born islander with experience in sustainable building, farming, alternative energy, and collaborative community development. A graduate of the University of Florida, he worked as a Pollution Control Inspector helping to protect and manage the natural resources of Miami-Dade County, Florida. He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to join the team at Southface Energy Institute (SEI) promoting sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.

Volunteering to build homes with Habitat for Humanity and completing all the SEI professional courses available gave Jeremai a keen understanding of design and engineering of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings. During this time, he gained more experience in alternative energy systems and organic agriculture. This led him to move to Oahu in 2004 where he served the community as an educator, farmer, builder, consultant, the LEAP (Learning Environmental Awareness Program) Director at The Green House in Honolulu and as the founder of Environmental Mechanical Engineering Solutions (EMES). After nine years, he moved to Hawaii Island to design and build his eco-sustainable farm. Currently, Jeremai constructs made-to-order tiny homes, provides sustainability workshops and offers consultation services to a broad range of clients.